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Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada is a humpback whale diving deep off Terra Nova. It's the mighty tides of Fundy, and the grizzled face of a fisherman living what is real as he stares at the North Atlantic. It's a place where the epic struggles and grand sagas of nature have been playing out for billions of years - a place with a cultural landscape so unique that the very air you breathe seems to pulse with mystery and intrigue. pulse with mystery and intrigue.

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It’s time to reclaim that balance in your life and enrich those family bonds. Opportunities abound to have fun and recharge your batteries in our national parks and national historic sites. The choices are endless... all you have to do is pick one!

Man sitting on the top of a cliff is watching the horizon Admiring the Earth’s mantle in Gros Morne
© Parks Canada / Brushett

See the Earth Naked

Go on. Admit it. You always wanted to know what Earth looked like under all those trees and water, didn’t you? Here’s your chance! Get to the Tablelands, where Earth’s mantle is revealed, and then head off trail to discover what the world is really made of. One thing’s for sure: you’ll never look at Earth the same way again.

Gros Morne National Park

Young girl holding a crab in her hand Exploring the ocean’s secrets
© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

Walk the Ocean’s Floor!

As the tide completes its six-hour long descent and reaches its lowest point, discover the many living things left behind. Walk the ocean’s floor and explore the secrets of the vast intertidal zone. Eventually the incoming tide starts poking at your feet until it regains its lost ground. Savor this fleeting moment.

Fundy National Park

Couple sitting on the top of a trail watching the sunset Taking in a gorgeous sunset in Cape Breton Highlands
© Parks Canada / D. Wilson

Sunset at Land’s End

Immerse yourself in nature’s masterpiece where the mountains truly meet the sea. Be led on an open headland 400 metres above the Atlantic Ocean to witness a breathtaking sunset at the end of the Skyline trail. Don’t forget your camera: bald eagles, moose and whales often make an appearance!

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Visitors in a canoe approaching a large group of seals Paddling with seals in Kouchibouguac
© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

Adventure in a voyageur canoe

Take off your lifejacket and grab your camera, the adventure begins. You have the feeling of being a fearless traveller looking for treasure. You get close to the sandbanks when suddenly, you hear mysterious sounds. Terns, ospreys and... hundreds of grey seals, they're everywhere! Some bask in the sun, while others do their morning swimming exercises. You're completely amazed.

Kouchibouguac National Park

A fisherman watching the sea a harpoon in his hand Exploring the sights, sound and smells of the life and times of Basque
© Parks Canada / C. Reardon


Explore the sights, sounds, and smells of the life and times of Basque Whalers at Red Bay Basque Whaling Station World Heritage Site. You'll hear stories of hardship and promise, love and loss, whales and woes, and along they way, sample some food and maybe, just maybe, catch sight of that Basque ship anchored in the bay.

Red Bay National Historic Site and UNESCO World Heritage Site

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