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National Parks of Canada

National Parks System

National parks protect natural environments representative of Canada's natural heritage. These special places are gateways to nature, to adventure, to discovery, to solitude. They celebrate the beauty and infinite variety of our country. Protected and preserved for all Canadians and for the world, each is a sanctuary in which nature is allowed to evolve in its own way, as it has done since the dawn of time. Each provides a haven, not only for plants and animals, but also for the human spirit. A place to wander... to wonder... to discover yourself.

Our goal is to establish a system of national parks that represents each of Canada's distinct natural regions. This system is just over 60% completed.

For more information, see the document:

The purpose of this report is to familiarize the reader with the 39 terrestrial national park natural regions of Canada (Map 1), to identify regions presently represented by national parks, and to introduce those regions not yet represented by national parks.