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Fab Forts Weekend Schedule of Events

A Nine Pound Muzzle Loading Field Rifle being fired on the Parade Grounds at Fort Walsh NHSC
A Nine Pound Muzzle Loading Field Rifle being fired on the Parade Grounds at Fort Walsh National Historic Site.
© Parks Canada / Reilly Blakely

It's our Fab Forts Weekend on August 19-21! Visit the historic forts managed by Parks Canada and before you head out, just have a look at the great list of activities we have set out for you! You won't want to miss our coast-to-coast Parks Canada 100-gun salute on Sunday, August 21, at 2:30 pm (local time)! For the latest updates, visit the individual sites.


  • Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site :
    • From fur trade heights to ghostly ruins - double the fun: this year we are celebrating the national Fab Forts Weekend with our Bastions & Bones special event. Unearth the amazing history of Rocky Mountain House that began over 200 years ago. From towering bastions in its heyday to the archaeological discoveries of today, you will surely dig it! Don’t miss our centennial gun salute, and the Brierly Whitewater Classic – an invitation from the Rocky Canoe Club to boaters of all ages!

Fort Langley Fort Langley National Historic Site
© Parks Canada

Fort Rodd Hill Fort Rodd Hill National historic Site
© Parks Canada

British Columbia

  • Fort Langley National Historic Site :
    • Black Powder and cannon salute and fur trade fun! Gun salute with small arms. Stop by the Fort Langley Farmers' Market on Sunday!

  • Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site :
    • Medieval Village (Aug. 16-23) and Fab Forts Weekend: Travel through time and wake up in the 14th century. Look, smell, listen…The Middles Ages are here. Stroll among the tents where armourers, weavers, carpenters, pewterers and calligraphers work with the tools and techniques of the era. The Pacific Association for Recreating the Middle Ages actors and members take pride in displaying their medieval dresses and attires. Let them show you their tools and creative masterpiece. Be inspired by their stories and join the entertainments. Finish the day with the thunder of "Firepower"—as historic small arms and artillery fire a salute to Parks Canada's centennial!

  • Fort St. James National Historic Site :
    • Discover Fort St. James’ completely restored Hudson's Bay Company post. Glimpse the way of life in the 19th century of trade and commerce. At your leisure, rub shoulders with trappers inside the buildings. Run your hands through fur pelts! Look up, see smoked salmon drying in the rafters. Hear stories of the relationship between the fur traders and the Dakelh First Nations. Enjoy a firsthand experience of how trappers and traders lived, ate, worked and died more than a century ago. Centennial gun salute.


  • Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site :
    • Our Fab Fort focused mainly on supplying a vast network of isolated posts in western and northern Canada. On this weekend we celebrate the harvest of the grains, fruits and vegetables grown here. Try your hand at flailing and winnowing grain, grinding the grain into flour, learning how to make pemmican and stock your medicine chest, or sample an ear of corn.

  • Prince of Wales National Historic Site :
    • A Day at the Fort: free transportation and special Tour of the Fort to celebrate the Fab Forts Weekend.

New Brunswick

Fort Beauséjour Soldier For ADay Children taking part in the 'Soldier for a Day' program at the Fort Beausejour - Fort Cumberland National Historic Site
© Parks Canada

Carleton Martello Tower Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site
© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

Newfoundland and Labrador


Fort Anne Fort Anne National Historic Site
© Parks Canada

Halifax Citadel Halifax Citadel National Historic Site
© Parks Canada

Nova Scotia

  • Fort Anne National Historic Site :
    • Discover how Fort Anne was built by participating in a special program celebrating Vauban-style fortifications. Attend our "Fab Forts Weekend" (1 pm – 4 pm) and be a part of Parks Canada's Centennial celebrations, including our special gun salute!

  • Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site :
    • Gun salute, opening of École de Cannoniers, christening the new mortar, guided tours, military demonstrations, children's activities, feeding the animals, 18th century dining, cooking and music... and much much more! Do not miss our centennial gun salute!

  • Halifax Citadel National Historic Site :
    • On Friday, enjoy the Freedom of the City parade through downtown Halifax starting from the Halifax Citadel. On Saturday, “Build your own fort” and “Muster Parade” family activities, or try on historical clothing in the new 19th century Tailor Shop, Fab Forts Evening Military Pageant featuring the 78th Highlanders Pipes Drums and Infantry and the Stadacona Band of Maritime Forces Atlantic . At 7pm that evening, hear the special composed tune “Centennial March” performed by 78th band and watch a brand new film about the Halifax Citadel restoration. On Sunday, play Victorian games, participate in interactive artillery programs followed by 21-gun salute as part of the Centennial 100-Gun Salute at 2:30 pm

  • Port-Royal National Historic Site :
    • August 21, 1 pm – 4 pm. Mi'kmaq Heritage Day - Come experience Mi'kmaw traditions, history, drumming, song, games and lifestyle in the second edition of the series of three events highlighting Mi'kmaw culture. Participate in a game of waltes and be certain to visit the wigwam.


Fort Geoprge Fort George National Historic Site
© Parks Canada / D. Wilson

  • Fort George National Historic Site :
    • Friendly and well informed staff and volunteers in period costumes will offer a variety of programmes on the history of the fort, the War of 1812, and offer insights into life of a garrison. Attend military, musket and artillery demonstrations, and don’t miss the centennial gun salute!

  • Fort Malden National Historic Site :
    • Come for live demonstrations, tours, and a hands-on experience of military life as experienced by the soldiers and their families stationed at Fort Malden nearly 200 years ago. Surround yourself with the sights and sounds of this 18th century outpost. Listen to fascinating stories, tour the soldiers' barracks and cookhouse, witness musket demonstrations, and explore the fort's colourful history. Attend our centennial gun salute!

  • Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site :
    • Combine 200-year-old stone ruins, moonlight, 150 flickering candles and what do you get? The perfect setting for a Ghost Walk! Add over 30 enthusiastic, costumed staff and volunteers and you've got the ideal recipe for a successful and memorable event. This is exactly what visitors to Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site of Canada will experience when they participate in the Ghost Walks to be held at the site on August 19 and 20 to celebrate the Fab Forts Weekend.
    Fort Wellington today depicts its appearance and life in 1846 when the Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment (RCRR) was stationed here Fort Wellington National Historic Site
    © Parks Canada

  • Fort Wellington National Historic Site :
    • August 18-21 – Prescott Loyalist Days Re-Enactment Event and Fab Forts Weekend
      Come and join us at the fort for War of 1812 battle re-enactments, fireworks, a Mess Dinner, moonlight movie, and don’t miss our centennial gun salute!

  • HMCS Haida National Historic Site :
    • Hop aboard HMCS Haida, the sole surviving Tribal class destroyer of the Second World War. Explore the ship at your leisure. Go below decks to see the engine room then take in the bird's-eye view from the open bridge. This magnificent historical icon is yours to discover and don't leave without witnessing the centennial gun salute!

Prince Edward Island


  • Fort Chambly National Historic Site  :
    • Celebrate the fête de la Saint-Louis!
      The fête de la Saint-Louis was a holy day of obligation under the French regime and an occasion to celebrate the construction of the first wooden fort. This year, the Fab Forts Weekend will also celebrate the 300th anniversary of its successor and current stone fort. Experience what it’s like to be in a French military camp and witness flintlock musket firings, all while discovering trades of yesteryears that contributed to the fort’s construction. This will be one of the rare occasions where you get to meet soldiers of the Compagnies franches de la Marine and their families. Military encampment and demonstrations, interpreters in period costumes, collective fort building, family picnic and evening concert, evening concert and centennial gun salute!

    Fort Lennox Fort Lennox National Historic Site
    © Parks Canada / S. Boileau

    Fort Temis Resembling those of the fur trade, the Trading Post at Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site is also used as the reception counter and gift shop, in the interpretation centre.
    ©Parks Canada / H. Lacroix

    Mathieu Dupuis Fortifications Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site
    © Parks Canada / M. Dupuis

  • Fort Lennox National Historic Site :
    • During the Fab Forts Weekend, the Fort Lennox proposes an American Revolution re-enactment - Explore the lives of American and British soldiers during the American War of Independence. Discover an island at the heart of a revolution. You will be amazed! And don’t miss our centennial gun salute!

  • Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site :
    • Closing Festivities of the 325th Anniversary of De Troyes' Expedition to James Bay. Attend the Moulin à paroles, special readings by Albert Millaire and other personalities! Discover the Rose des Vents, an artistic work made by visitors under the supervision of Francine Marcotte! And that includes a centennial gun salute!

  • Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site :
    • Relive more than 300 years of military history in Quebec City, the only remaining fortified city in North America. This feature has contributed to Québec being named as a World Heritage City by UNESCO. Take a guided tour and learn about its unique stories, spread over four centuries.

  • Lévis Forts National Historic Site :
    • Twilight Concert at Lévis Forts - Don't miss our traditional military music concert featuring La Musique du Royal 22e Régiment with the canons of the 6th Field Artillery Regiment. You will be impressed by the torchlight parade and the splendid pyromusical show. On Saturday, August 20, at 6:30 p.m. Free. Modern artillery and fireworks. In partnership with Célébrations Lévis 2011.

  • Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site :
    • Come and explore a unique archaeological site under the Dufferin Terrace - the experience at the site promises to evolve in the next months as we are working on a concept never seen at Parks Canada. Visit the seat of power and the official residence of a majority of governors during 200 years of French and English regimes. One-hour guided tours are offered from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Access to the site is still free in 2011.

  • Battle of the Restigouche National Historic :
    • Come and listen to the amazing stories of the Acadians, Mi'kmaq, sailors and French soldiers who participated in the Battle of the Restigouche in the summer of 1760!

  • Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site :
    • Archaeological Days
      Look at how the Battle of the Châteauguay influenced the rations of the militiamen of the time.

  • Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site :
    • Let our Farmers Market tempt you!

  • The Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site :
    • The Archéo-Lachine expedition lets you discover the archeological wealth of four heritage sites in Lachine. Part of the tour, along the waters of the canal, takes place aboard a large Rabaska canoe.

    Forges du Saint-Maurice Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site
    © Parks Canada / J. Pleau
  • Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site :
    • Tourtières, terrines and other fine fares! - Are you curious to find out what our ancestors kept in their cupboards? Take advantage of these two Sundays in Archaeology Month to discover the culinary secrets of the Forges’ inhabitants.


  • Fort Battleford National Historic Site :
    • Come and listen to the gun salute to celebrate Parks Canada’s centennial!

    Fort Walsh Cannon Bastion Fort Walsh National Historic Site staff prepares to fire the site's nine pound muzzle loading field rifle on the historic Parade Grounds in front of the fort.
    © Parks Canada
  • Fort Walsh National Historic Site :
    • Relive a great era, when the North West Mounted Police brought the Queen's law to the prairies! Come and experience Fort Walsh. History comes alive as guides dressed in period costumes lead you through buildings furnished to the 1880's. Taste fresh baking at the cook tent and see how historic weapons were used. Special gun salute to celebrate Parks Canada’s centennial.