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Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office


Training courses are given by FHBRO in order to provide more information about heritage obligations under the Policy, the role of FHBRO and the advice it provides, and best practices regarding the protection of the heritage character of federal heritage buildings. These courses are provided for departmental employees who are responsible for administering and operating federal heritage buildings, as well as for their consultants. The list of course dates and locations is circulated to departmental FHBRO representatives at the beginning of each fiscal year.

The FHBRO introductory course is highly recommended for anyone involved in the management and maintenance of federal heritage buildings, as well as for project managers and professionals involved in the development and implementation of projects that could affect heritage character. The course covers departmental heritage obligations under the Treasury Board Policy on Management of Real Property, and explains FHBRO's advisory role. It focuses on the processes set out in the policy (evaluation, intervention review and disposal), as well as on reference tools such as the Heritage Character Statement and the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. Please consult FHBRO regarding possible technical training related to built heritage. Learn More