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Archaeology at Parks Canada

“Archaeological heritage is an essential element in the affirmation of our Canadian identity and a source of inspiration and knowledge. It is the policy of the Government of Canada to protect and manage this heritage.”

Archaeological Heritage Policy Framework, Department of Canadian Heritage, Ottawa, 1990

Parks Canada is a federal agency and the custodian of national parks, many national historic sites and the national marine conservation areas of Canada. It is committed through its mandate and charter to enabling Canadians to have memorable experiences but in a way that ensures the protection of the natural and cultural heritage (which includes archaeological heritage) of these special places. Our work is based on integrating protection, education and unforgettable experiences.

If you're interested in learning about archaeology in general, consult What is Archaeology? and Archaeo-Passion. For information about archaeology in Canada and Parks Canada, visit Managing Archaeology. For those familiar with archaeology and interested in obtaining information about policies, tools and research centres or in learning more about Parks Canada Permits, visit Resources for Professionals and Links.

On-line Research and Collection Permit System

On-line Research and Collection Permit System