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Kluane National Park and Reserve

Kathleen Lake

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You don’t have to venture into the backcountry for awe-inspiring mountain scenery at Kluane. Just a short drive from town is sparkling Kathleen Lake, where crystal waters are backed by the mountains of the Kluane Range. Exceptional hiking, boating and camping await visitors the moment they step from their car.

Kathleen Lake Campground is closed for the season.  The day-use area is open year round.


Setting up camp
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Kathleen Lake is a 39-site campground with firewood, bear-proof storage lockers and outhouses. It operates by self-registration on a first come-first serve basis.

Camping fees


King's Throne Trail
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The easy 0.5-kilometre Kokanee Trail boardwalk edges the shore of the lake, while the challenging 5-kilometre King’s Throne Trail ascends to an alpine cirque, a kind of natural amphitheatre formed by glacial erosion. Boaters can take advantage of the lake’s boat launch or strike out in a canoe from the pebble beach.

Rather just soak up the scenery? A spacious day-use shelter and a picnic area afford incredible views of the lake and dramatic mountain peaks. At the campground, campers can pitch a tent at one of 39 sites and – during summer months – bask in the legendary midnight sun.

Day Use Area

Kokanee Trail
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Kathleen Lake boasts a a scenic day-use area with kitchen shelter, boat launch and picnic facilities. The Kokanee Trail is a wheel chair accessible boardwalk that skirts the edge of Kathleen Lake starting from the day-use area.

Note: Overnight use of the day use shelter is prohibited.

The “Bare” Campsite Program

The "Bare" Campsite program is in place in Kathleen Lake Campground for your safety, and to help keep Kluane’s wildlife alive and wild. A special effort is being made by park staff and campers to ensure that no wildlife attractants are ever left unattended at any sites in this campground.

A black bear eating food that was left out at a campsite
Food left unattended attracts bears to your campsite
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How to keep a "Bare" campsite

Store all food and food related items in a hard-sided vehicle/trailer/motor home or in the campground food storage lockers (not in a tent or tent-trailer) when not in use. This applies whenever these items are not in use, at night while you are sleeping, or when your site is unattended for any length of time.

Never leave ANY of these items unattended at your campsite:

  • Coolers - full/empty
  • Food - open/closed
  • Garbage/Wrappings
  • Dishes/Pots
  • Pet Food/Bowls
  • Bottles/Cans
  • ANY item associated with food preparation

When away from your campsite you may leave out your camping furniture (e.g. lawn chairs, lanterns and tents).

A campsite with no food items left unattended
A "bare" campsite
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A campsite with food items left unattended
A wildlife at "risk" campsite
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Attention Pet Owners! Please keep pets on a leash at all times. Don't leave pets unattended outside - especially at night. They can attract carnivores such as bears, cougars, wolves, or coyotes, and may be attacked.

Kathleen Lake Facilities Map

 Kathleen Lake Facilities Map
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