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Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada

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See you in 2015!

Facilities and Services

The Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre located in the Da Kų Cultural Centre in Haines Junction and the Tachäl Dhäl Visitor Centre will reopen on May 15, 2015.  See you then!

Kathleen Lake Campground will also reopen May 15, 2015.

Roads in the Park

The access gates for Mush Lake Road and A'ay Chu East and West (Slim's East and West) Roads are closed for the season.

Overnight Backcountry Trips in the park

Between November 16 and March 31 registration for overnight trips into the backcountry and use of bear resistant food canisters is not required.   

Visitor Safety

Winter can be a hazardous time for backcountry wilderness travel. You are responsible for your own safety. You should file a travel plan with a friend or family member whether you are heading out for the day or on a multi-day trip. In the event of an emergency you should be prepared for lengthy delays in search and  rescue response times due to weather conditions and/or the availability of both aircraft and rescue personnel. 

Parks Canada 24 Hour Emergency Dispatch

1-877-852-3100 (toll free)
1-780-852-3100 (Note: some satellite phones do not accept toll free numbers)

Note: While cell phones work in Haines Junction they are out of range in almost all areas of the park.

Effective April 1 until May 15, 2015 visitors must self-register at the Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre at the Da Kų Cultural Centre in Haines Junction. A self-registration kiosk is located at the front door of the Visitor Centre. De-registration (either by phone or at the self-registration box) is also required upon completion of the trip.

In addition, approved bear resistant food canisters are mandatory for all overnight backcountry trips in the park during this time. Canisters are provided on loan free of charge with registration and deposit. Approved bear-resistant food containers are those products listed as certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

Visitors must call 867-634-7207 to arrange a time with Parks Canada staff to pick up the mandatory bear resistant food canisters. It is strongly recommended that this arrangement is made in advance of your arrival to Haines Junction.

Backcountry permit fees apply.