Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada

Dezadeash River Trail

South end of Haines Junction near bridge over Dezadeash River
5.5 km round trip
1-2 hours
Elevation Gain:
15 M (50')
Maximum Elevation:
640 M (2100')


This is a short but pleasant trail through wetlands, meadows and forest along the Dezadeash River. The trail is easy and well marked and is recommended for families with small children and for those who want a short but interesting hike. Benches and a viewing stand are also located along the trail.


This trail begins at the day use area just north of the Dezadeash River bridge. The first part is boardwalk and wood chips (the first 300 M of boardwalk is wheelchair accessible) passing through a wetland area. The next section of the trail travels through aspen forest and small meadows. A viewing stand is located along the riverbank about 1 km down the trail. This is a good place to stop to look for animals such as beaver, moose and waterfowl. At 1.4 km the trail splits to form a loop for the remaining 2.6 km. The left branch continues along the riverbank through tall aspen then turns back through a shady spruce forest to the beginning of the loop.

It is also possible to start and/or finish the trail at the RV campground. The round trip is 5.5 km unless you decide to exit or start by the RV campground (in this case it would be 4.5 km).


The variety of habitat along this trail makes it an especially good place to watch for birds. Also, if you look carefully you can find other animal sign such as moose browsing, squirrel middens (caches), a beaver dam, bear claw marks on trees, etc.

Review recommendations for travel in the You Are In Bear Country brochure. All bear sightings should be reported to the staff at one of the Visitor Centres.

Up-dates on trail conditions, bear activities and trail closures are available at the Visitor Centres.

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