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Wildlife Camera Photos 2012

Wildlife camera Photos 2013

In the summer of 2012, remote motion-triggered cameras were installed in Ivvavik National Park to help us monitor wildlife populations. Large carnivores living in the park, such as lynx and wolverine, tend to be very elusive and are rarely observed by Parks Canada staff. Remote cameras offer a unique, non-invasive way to capture images of the natural behaviour of these wildlife species. Not only do we get some fantastic candid wildlife photos, we also learn about wildlife habitat use and distribution in the park. Large carnivores are apex predators that depend on animals lower on the food chain to thrive. So the abundance and change in abundance of large carnivores can tell us about the health of the ecosystem as a whole. Over the long-term we hope to use these data to monitor the health of forest and tundra ecosystems. This project is now in its second year and we have amazing wildlife pictures already. Take a look at what we have found so far and check back often for exciting new photos!