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Prince Albert National Park

Trail descriptions


Beach Walk

5.6 km return, Easy terrain
Enjoy the stunning view of Waskesiu Lake as you snowshoe along the main beach to Kapasiwin cabins. Stop along the way and play a round of disc golf or make a fire in the camp kitchen.
Start :Parking lot across from Visitor Centre on Lakeview Drive


5.6 km loop, Medium terrain
A perennial favourite, this short trail follows the golf course. The course's rolling terrain makes for a great ski. Watch for chilly conditions on windy days.
Start : Recreation Hall parking lot near the south end of Montreal Drive. Connecting trail starts at parking lot and links to Fisher, Red Deer Red and Red Deer Yellow trails.


9.0 km loop, Medium terrain
This trail is great for a family outing; scenic and close to Waskesiu. The trail ventures through mixed woods, aspen stands and black spruce muskeg.
Start :  9.0 km from Lakeview Drive and Waskesiu Drive intersection or 7.2 km from the parking lot adjacent to Highway 264 entrance to Waskesiu.  

Beaver Glen

5.8 km loop, Easy terrain
This trail parallels Waskesiu Drive then circles the Beaver Glen Campground. The Beaver Glen portion links to the Red Deer Yellow trail. The section of trail along Waskesiu Drive is lit.
Start :Lakeview Drive and Waskesiu Drive intersection, kitty corner from the Waskesiu townsite sign.

Red Deer Red

5.7 km one way, Medium terrain
This trail links Wapiti with the Fisher trail. The route, although gently rolling in many sections, has a few significant hills with challenging corners.
Start : Wapiti Trail, Fisher Trail or start from Lakeview Drive and Waskesiu Drive intersection.

Red Deer Yellow 

2.7 km one way, Easy terrain
This trail is linked to Red Deer Red, Fisher and Beaver Glen trails. The route is flat to gently rolling.
Start :Lakeview Drive and Waskesiu Drive intersection

Kingsmere Road

Waskesiu River

2.5 km loop, Easy terrain
Snowshoe from the parking lot towards the river and across the pedestrian bridge. The trail follows the river for 0.5 km before crossing it via a walking bridge and continuing through the forest. Watch for interpretive signs along the trail.
Start :6.0 km north of Waskesiu on Kingsmere road


19.0 km return, Easy terrain
With long gentle slopes, this trail parallels the Heart Lakes following a patrol road. The trail passes through mature coniferous forest dotted with balsam fir before it crosses Crean Lake near its entrance to the Heart Lakes.
Start :11.0 km north of Waskesiu on the Kingsmere Road

Kingsmere River

2.6 km return, Easy terrain
The trail crosses the river and follows a rail portage, then passes through a spruce forest and ends on the east side of Southend Campground on Kingsmere Lake.
Start : 32.5 km north of Waskesiu on the Kingsmere road.

Narrows Road

Mud Creek

3.0 km loop, Easy terrain
The trails starts at South Bay, skirts the shore of Waskesiu Lake and then follows Mud Creek back to South Bay.
Start :4.5 km from the start of  the Narrows road. Parking area on the Narrows road.


1.4 km loop, Moderate terrain
Ascend the steep, winding trail through a white spruce and balsam fir forest. The trees along this path are among the oldest and largest in the park. The trail follows a creek bed as it descends.
Start :17.6 km from the start of the Narrows road. Parking area at the Narrows marina.

Highway 263

Spruce River Highlands 

8.5 km loop, Difficult terrain
This trail is a challenge, great for an advanced snowshoer. It travels clockwise climbing through a continuous series of ups and downs along the Spruce River hillsides. At 4.5 km is a junction. To the right the Spruce River Highlands trail continues, completing the 8.5 km loop through mixed woods and aspen stands. To the left the trail travels 1 km and connects to a network of provincial ski trails at Anglin Lake (Contact Saskatchewan Environment for trail conditions: 306-982-6250).
Start : 27 km south of Waskesiu on Highway 263

Tait Springs

5.0 km return, Medium terrain
This short trail travels through aspen and spruce forest near the Spruce River. Early freighters stopped at this natural spring to rest and replenish water supplies.
Start: 29.5 km south of Waskesiu on Highway 263


26 km return, Medium terrain
This route skirts the edge of Sandy Lake, through mixed and aspen forest. At 10.6 km, turn right (north) and continue another 2.5 km to the shore of Fish Lake.
Start :Sandy (Halkett) Lake