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Prince Albert National Park of Canada


Waterways in the park are ice-free from early May to November but even during the summer, larger lakes can be cool. Most canoeists choose from the end of May to September to ply the waters of the park.

One canoe on Kingsmere River seen from high on riverbank.
On Kingsmere River.
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On a Prince Albert National Park canoe trip you can find yourself paddling small, calm lakes like Amiskowan, Shady or the Heart lakes or large expanses like Kingsmere and Waskesiu. Or dip your paddle in gentle, winding rivers such as the Spruce River. For here, waters flow slowly, cutting their way through glacial till. This is in contrast to the rapid waters and deep lakes found just 150 km further north on the rocky Canadian Shield.

There are two major, designated canoe routes in the park, both adjacent Kingsmere Lake.

Paddlers will also find almost endless the tiny ponds, lakes and creeks to explore slowly, through the summer days. You may have to drag over a beaver dam or line through shallows but that's simply the variety that canoeing on these waters provides.

Canoes can be rented by contacting the Waskesiu Lake Marina at 663-1999.

Bagwa Canoe Route

The Bagwa Canoe Route is a day's paddle through a series of small gem-like lakes connected by short portages. Many people linger overnight at one of the designated campgrounds. It is almost impossible to canoe the route and not sight red-necked grebe, white pelican, common loon, bald eagle and osprey.

Bagwa Canoe Route

Canoeing To Grey Owl's Cabin