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Prince Albert National Park of Canada


Large number of beachgoers on sand beach beneath blue sky.
Main Beach Waskesiu Lake.
© Parks Canada/James Page/PANP JP 341

Beaches and Swimming
A 'day at the beach', has traditionally, been a part of many park visitor's summer trips.

The large lakes are ice-free about the middle to end of May. Water temperatures suitable for swimming are usually reached by end of June and continue until early September.

Rules and Regulations
Beaches are unsupervised. Parents should keep an eye on children at all times. Use the 'buddy system' as well.

Remember, swimming in these areas is at your own risk.

For the safety of swimmers, the use of boats and canoes is not allowed in the buoyed beach areas.

Swimmer's Itch occurs rarely in park waters. Contact the Visitor Centre staff for up-to-date reports.

Waskesiu Lake Beaches
Main Beach - large swimming area
Beaver Glen Beach - a short walk from the campground
Point View - located just past the Waskesiu Marina
Birch Bay - sheltered kitchens and large swimming area
South Bay/Mud Creek
Trippes Beach
Paignton Beach
Narrows Beach

Beaches on other lakes
Beaches ranging from tiny spots of sand, gravel or organic matter with varying slopes to long, wide stretches of fine sand with gentle slope can be found on other park lakes.

Some of the more popular include Namekus Lake, Sandy (Halkett) Lake and Kingsmere Lake- South End.