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Grasslands National Park of Canada

Management Plan for Grasslands National Park has been tabled in Parliament

Val Marie, Saskatchewan, June 17, 2010 – The management plan for Grasslands National Park of Canada has been tabled in Parliament. The plan will guide strategic management decisions at the park and will serve as a basis for reporting to the Canadian public on progress in achieving our desired vision for Grasslands National Park.

Building on the success of Grassland National Park's first management plan from 2003 and following consultation with Canadians at the local and regional levels, the 2010 management plan continues to deliver on Parks Canada's mandate – to protect heritage resources, facilitate visitor experiences and educate through public outreach.

Throughout 2008 and 2009, Parks Canada consulted with the park's advisory committee, members of the public and stakeholders to develop the Grasslands National Park management plan. In response to the feedback received, more than twenty objectives and one hundred twenty five actions were identified in the management plan to achieve the park vision, improve and monitor the state of the park and contribute to Parks Canada corporate performance expectations.

Highlights of the new park management plan include Parks Canada's commitment to the following:

  • To improve the basic visitor service offer in both the East and West blocks of Grasslands National Park;
  • To explore new market segments for the park, and their needs and expectations in order to guide development of visitor experience opportunities;
  • To continue ecological restoration and species reintroduction programs in the park and engage Canadians in these programs through education and participation; and
  • To take renewed steps in protecting and presenting the cultural and paleontological heritage of the park in collaboration with partners.

Grasslands National Park, located in southwestern Saskatchewan, is Canada's first national park established to represent the mixed-grass prairie. Only a small portion of this ecosystem remains, making Grasslands National Park and surrounding lands the most significant representation of the Prairie Grasslands Natural Region. The park is one of the few places in Canada where people are able to discover the land and biodiversity of the mixed-grass prairie ecosystem – rich in its natural, cultural and palaeontological heritage.

The Grasslands National Park Management Plan is available on the Parks Canada website.


Katherine Patterson
Superintendent, South Saskatchewan Field Unit
Parks Canada
(306) 298-2257