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Grasslands National Park of Canada


Enjoy the true wilderness of Grasslands National Park though backpacking! This is the only national ‘prairie’ park! Enjoy the rolling hills, deep coulees, stunning valleys and the badlands. With minimal services provided, Grasslands is a great place to “get away!”

Two back country campers in the badlands
© Parks Canada / Kevin Hogarth

North Gillespie Backpacking Adventure

If you like to carry your home on your back, and cover the ground on your feet, then a traverse of the Grasslands wilderness to the remote North Gillespie land is a must. From rolling hills to deep coulees, stunning valleys to badlands features, you will understand why Canada created a ‘prairie’ national park! And, you’re likely to have it to yourself.

Contact the Val Marie Visitor Centre prior to departure for safety and access information.

Valley of 1,000 Devils Backpacking Adventure

With your home on your back, sweat dripping down your neck and the badlands at your feet, you traverse the East Block wilderness. Watch out for hoo doos and quicksand on your way to the Valley of 1,000 Devils! You and your friends won’t want to put your cameras down as you walk where dinosaurs once roamed.

Contact the East Block McGowan’s Visitor Centre at Rock Creek Campground prior to departure for safety and access information.


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Backcountry Camping

The best EVER Back Country Experience

  • Register at Visitor centres or campground self registration kiosks
  • Park and begin from one of our campgrounds or road side pull offs
  • Plan to camp out of view of a road – minimum 1 km
  • Plan for fire bans in summer, prohibiting camp stoves
  • Pack out everything you pack in
  • For a “REAL get away” check out

    • West Block Trails -Timbergulch Coulee or Broken Hills
    • East Block Trails - Zahurski’s Point or the Red Buttes  

    For details contact the visitor centers

    Enjoy the true wilderness of Grasslands National Park through backpacking!