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Grasslands National Park

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With all the environmental concerns going on these days, we don't often think of the “Dark Sky' as a threatened space. The opportunity to see the constellations or even our very own galaxy is being threatened by light pollution. Light pollution is caused by unnecessary glare in urban and rural areas. Grasslands National Park is pleased to receive the designation of a Dark Sky Preserve. We will be working internally as well as with local communities to limit light pollution into the night sky. With the recent reintroduction of the black footed ferret, a nocturnal species, preserving the dark sky is becoming more important than ever before!

The Grasslands National Park Dark Sky Preserve is one of the largest and darkest in Canada! It is an excellent place to star gaze and to enjoy the beauty of the night sky. For astronomers, this is one of the best places to observe deep sky objects. Feel free to click on the links below for astronomy resources. 

Astronomy: Beyond the Big Dipper

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Join the Astronomical Society and explore the Grasslands National Park Dark Sky Preserve. From the rings of Saturn to a glimpse of another galaxy - the sky has no limit.

September 12th - 7 p.m., East Block, Rock Creek Campground.

Special Event, Program or Rental Fees May Apply

For more information:
Phone: 1-877-345-2257

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Locations for Stargazing

West Block

East Block

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