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Grasslands National Park

Front Country Hiking

Trail is defined by a hardened surface, mowed outline or yellow markers.
Route is an undefined experience which requires route finding skills (i.e. ability to read a compass, map and understand written instructions). Hiking route guides are available at the Visitor Centres.

Hikers with Grasslands National Park guide 
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West Block

Name Description Distance
Level Bike Horse  Interpretive
Top Dog Town Trail Listen to the rare Black-tailed Prairie Dog’s chirping ’bark’ as you cross a colony to a superb viewpoint. 0.75 Easy Yes No Yes
Larson’s Interpretive Trail Discover the story of one cowboy and his family as he rode the open range, roughed out broncs, and built a ranch that one day became a national park. 0.5 Easy No No Yes
Two Trees Trail Enjoy rolling hills and a scenic view of the Frenchman River Valley plus a story. 3.5 Easy No No Yes
Riverwalk Trail Want an easy amble following a picnic lunch? Then explore the banks of the Frenchman river with this trail. 2 Easy Yes No Yes
Eagle Butte Trail Enjoy the common and rare flowers, the intriguing geology and the surprising views along this new trail. 2 Easy No No No
70 Mile Butte Looking for a challenge? Conquer one of the highest points in the park. The view is worth the climb. 5 Difficult No No No
Broken Hills Hike through undulating and broken prairie- country frequented by mule deer and soaring hawks. 11 Difficult No Yes No
North Gillespie Seeking solitude and remoteness? This challenging hike will meet your desires of open prairie wilderness and spectacular views. 15 Difficult No Yes No
Timbergulch Route Experience the essence of land and sky. This is truly a hike of open vistas. 16 Difficult No Yes No
Eagle Butte - Ecotour
Rise and Fall with the “coulees”- a defining prairieland feature. Move from height-of-land to valley bottom, while embracing the Frenchman Valley. 9
(one way)
Difficult No Yes No

East Block

Name Description Distance (km) Level Bike Horse Interpretive
Rock Creek Trail Immerse yourself in the 360 view of native grasslands. With playful swallows close by, disappear into the prairie of days gone by. Enjoy the story along the way on this new trail. 2.0 Easy No No Yes
Rim Walk Trail Looking for a short, sunset walk? Grab your coffee, your kids and leave the Rock Creek Day Use Site to the rim overlooking the valley and red fired buttes. 2.5 Easy Yes Yes No
Zahurski Point Route Choose the high ground with the horizon stretching views of the badlands or delve to the intimacy of the valley bottom. This route delights either way. 11 Moderate Yes Yes No
Butte Creek/ Red Butte Trail Curlews, Swift Fox, or Sage Grouse may be one of your surprises along the way. Navigating a creek crossing and rough topography will be worth the rewarding view at the end. 16 Difficult No Yes No