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Transcript for oTENTik Camping Experience at La Mauricie National Park

(Start of video showing Parks Canada identifiers. Start of continuous music.

Fast-moving images of clouds over the Le Passage lookout. Down below, Wapizagonke Lake spreads out to the far horizon. The title of the video – “oTENTik camping experience at La Mauricie National Park” – fades in and fades out.

A pan to the right, showing Wapizagonke Lake, with canoes seen off at a distance. The subtitle “Discover a unique camping experience…” fades in and fades out.

A couple carrying a cooler walk under the arch at the entrance of the camping loop where the oTENTik tents are located. The sub-title “with oTENTik” fades in and fades out.

The couple arrive in front of the oTENTik tent and walk up the front steps holding on to their cooler. They step inside, where the beds and tent accessories can be seen. The sub-title “A cross between a tent and a rustic cabin” fades in and fades out.

Outside the tent, the couple sit down at the picnic table that has been laid for their meal.

Then the couple walk along a boardwalk next to one of the park’s lakes. The sub-title “Discover the joys of camping in all its simplicity” fades in and fades out.

The couple consult a panel displaying a map of the trail they are about to set out on. Then they are seen from behind, standing in a lake and taking in the beauty of the landscape around them.

A view out over the tip of a canoe, followed by a shot of the young man who is paddling from the rear. From aboard the canoe, there is a shot of a beach on which several families have come to swim and have fun.

Two young boys splash around in a waterfall. The next shot shows a group of scouts seated around a fire ring.

Three cyclists are riding along the Parkway. Then there is a shot of a cyclist peddling along at a good speed with his shirt fluttering in the wind.

Once again, there is a shot of the arch at the entrance to the site of the oTENTik tents, but this time it’s in winter. The sub-title “No matter what the season…” fades in and fades out while a family of two adults and two children walk under the arch. Both parents are pulling a sleigh loaded with their camping equipment.

The family arrives in front of the oTENTik tent in winter. The two children run to the steps eager to get inside while the parents follow behind with their sleighs.

The family is seated around the table inside the tent and are eating a meal. The mother slices a cucumber and gives the slices to her two young daughters, who are giggling.

The two young girls are sitting on their beds and playing. The sub-title “Enjoy adventure in the great outdoors through ‘ready-to-camp’ accommodations” fades in and fades out.

One of the girls is sitting at a table and playing a game while the father and the other girl are warming themselves in front of the wood stove.

In the foreground of the next scene, snowshoes are stuck upright in the snow. In the background, the family can be seen exiting the tent. Then they are seen snowshoeing along a trail single file, with the children in front and the parents at the rear.

Then the family is back at their oTENTik tent, seated around the outdoor picnic table. The mother is preparing the meal on a cook stove while the father and the children are talking. The mother serves up a hot drink to her children, who eagerly begin drinking it.

An adult couple out snowshoeing stops on a lake near an ice-covered cliff and admire the beauty of the surroundings. The next shot shows a couple of cross-country skiers descending a short slope over a groomed trail running alongside a flowing stream.

A group of people sitting on the deck outside the Rivière-à-la-Pêche Service Centre enjoy a bit of relaxation.

Fast-moving images of a sunset viewed from the Le Passage lookout. The sub-title “oTENTik Rivière-à-la-Pêche Open year round 1-877-RESERVE” fades in and fades out as the sun sinks over the horizon.

Official Parks Canada credits. End of music.)

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