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La Mauricie National park

A man doing ice-climbing.
A new partenership with Maïkan Aventure. © Maïkan Aventure 

Ice Climbing with Maïkan Aventure

Are you an active person who’d like a different approach to discovering La Mauricie National Park this winter? Why not go ice-climbing on one of the park’s cliff faces? With this new activity, offered exclusively by our partner, Maïkan Aventure, amateur and seasoned climbers are sure to enjoy a thrilling experience!

A safe, supervised activity

The professionals at Maïkan Aventure offer guided outings that enable participants to learn ice-climbing techniques, related safety notions, and the appropriate use of equipment – and to put these lessons into practice during a climb on a natural cliff face.

For all the details concerning this new activity and to sign up, visit Maïkan Aventure's Website.