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La Mauricie National Park

Young man wearing a helmet biking along a wooded trail . 
Mountain biking on the park’s trails. © Parks Canada / Michel Julien


Cyclists have the opportunity to bike in La Mauricie National Park. They can go for a ride along the access roads to the three campgrounds or use one of two park routes: the on-road bike route or the mountain bike route. For visitors who would like to take part in this activity but don’t own a bike, there are now bike rental services available onsite at the Rivière-à-la-Pêche Service Centre.

Road biking

  • A 63-km paved road 
  • Picnic areas along the route  
  • Access to washrooms at the Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre
  • Lookouts and many stunning views 
  • Road biking is permitted on the Parkway and on the access roads of the three campgrounds

Mountain biking

  • A bike route over 30 km long
  • Rest areas along the route
  • Access to washrooms at the Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre
  • Regular gravel trail surfaces and surfaces covered with coarse gravel, pebbles or sand
  • Mountain biking is permitted on trails 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9, from the Lac Bouchard picnic area to lac du Pimbina
  •  New paths for cyclists :trails 6, 6A and 11

Bike rental and repair services, accessories and parts sales

Bikes and accessories are now available for rent at La Mauricie National Park. Located at the Rivière-à-la-Pêche Service Centre, the Halte café-vélo (only in French) is the ideal place to plan a pleasant bike ride. All types of cyclists come there, as hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, and many accessories are available. Onsite, there is a café with Wi-Fi as well as vending machines.


  • Helmets are mandatory.
  • Cyclists using the Parkway must ride in single file
  • The mountain bike trails must be shared with hikers and park vehicles

Les Défis du Parc

Interested in competitive biking? Les Défis du Parc is the perfect opportunity to have fun and also challenge yourself!

Please note that the Parkway and certain trails will be closed during Les Défis du Parc.