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La Mauricie National Park

The must-visit 

In the Park, we say that you can «enjoy water in a 1000 ways». Here are some:

For children on a rock in a waterfall. The whole family will enjoy cooling off for a few minutes.
© Parks Canada

A short, refreshing getaway

Feeling like you need an easy, fun nature break? Then walk the 2-km length of Les Cascades trail near the Shewenegan picnic area, and then wind up your plunge in nature with a swim in the falls’ fabulous waters. A sand beach and a picnic area are located nearby. Would you be interested in giving canoeing a try? A boat rental service is only a few steps away. Hungry? A snack bar is right nearby. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Two children run in a lake as their parents look on. A half day of fun on the beach.
© Parks Canada

An afternoon of family fun

Do the kids need to get outdoors and get moving? But do you feel like relaxing? Then the beach at Édouard Lake is the perfect choice! The young fry can wade or paddle around, and you can keep an eye on them while basking on the sand. Keen to take your little ones on a bike ride? There’s a level path close by. Are your kids eager to go on a walk in the forest and satisfy their curiosity? The 1.4-km-long Lac Étienne trail is a stone’s throw away. Then, why not end the day’s outing with a stop at the snack bar to enjoy an ice cream confection?

Two teenage couples in front of a waterfall. A day of exceptional discovery.
© Parks Canada

A stimulating expedition

Are your children looking for a challenge? Would you like to offer them a day of adventure? Then get in a canoe and paddle off to Waber Falls, located in the back country. Combining canoeing, portaging and hiking, this one-day expedition offers you the opportunity to discover an amazingly beautiful corner of the park. Plan on leaving early in the morning, packing a lunch, and getting the lead out as you climb the 3 kilometres leading to the scenic Waber Falls. It’s well worth the effort! The adventure, the landscapes, the falls: it all makes for guaranteed “WOW!” – even for teenagers!

 A sunrise in the mist; in the foreground there is a canoe. It’s a date with calm and beauty…
© Parks Canada

A visit for a quiet adventurer

Have you got the urge to be completely off on your own? Are you ready to experience a quiet, solitary adventure to remember? Then a canoe-camping outing on Caribou Lake is for you. Once you’ve set up camp on your site, paddle off and discover the numerous lakes nearby. The portages will give you access to seldom visited areas of the park. You’ll have only the water and quiet for companions…