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La Mauricie National Park

Suggestion for Winter Fun 

A family making snowshoeing.
For small and big legs. 

© Parks Canada

For beginning snowshoers

Would you like to introduce your children to snowshoeing? Or would you like to ease into the season when you first hit the trail? If so, the Du Camping trail is the ideal choice. Featuring two courses (3.1 or 4.5 km), this flat trail enables users to enjoy the great outdoors but also provides a heated shelter for a welcome break along the way. It’s the perfect place for breaking into this sport!






A smiling woman in front of a winter landscape.
Grandiose landscape included.
© Parks Canada

And now for a real challenge!

Children and parents with energy to burn will like the Lac-Solitaire trail, which offers 5.5 km. of snowshoeing or Nordic walking adventure. The trail begins with a few kilometres of ascent, and some of the steeper descents require using ropes. It all adds up to some serious fun for the more active snowshoers. Be sure to bring along your crampons! The spectacular panoramas afforded by this trail are well worth the effort!





A boy doing cross-country skiing. 
La Mauricie National Park : THE family winter destination!

© Parks Canada

Family cross-country skiing 

“Little-legs-that-could” and their active parents will find trail #11 to be the perfect circuit for a short cross-country skiing outing as a family. This easy trail, designed for both classic and skate skiing, also includes a heated shelter for a break before dashing to the finish line. Who will get there first, the parents or their kids? 






A woman doing cross-country skiing.
To enjoy the great outdors.

© Parks Canada

For seasoned skiers 

Are you someone who likes a trail that features different levels of difficulty along the entire circuit? Do you prefer a few kilometres of challenges to long flat stretches? Try the combination of trails #6, #5 and #3 for 15 kilometres of skiing pleasure that is certain to meet your expectations. The recently re-routed trail #5 will make for a totally new experience. Skiers who once used it will want to rediscover it. 





A woman doing cross-country skiing.
Just slide along on winter!

© Parks Canada

A breathtaking circuit for expert skiers

With the reopening of trail #2, seasoned skiers will be able to once again enjoy this unique area of the park. Featuring a twisting, turning course replete with ascents and descents, this trail crosses through several mature forests and offers a number of breathtaking landscapes. For experienced, technically proficient cross-country skiers.