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Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada

Map 2: Brackley-Dalvay

Beautiful Brackley Beach is a popular summer destination for many local Island beach-goers for its white sand and its proximity to Charlottetown. This region also has many lovely smaller beaches which often do not see nearly as much traffic as the larger ones. Keep this in mind if you like a quieter place for your beach day! Covehead Harbour, Covehead Lighthouse and Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site are also must-see stops along this pretty stretch of coastline. And be sure to check out the new multi-use trail system at Robinsons Island!

Brackley-Dalvay Map

Locations and Services/Facilities
LocationServices and Facilities
Brackley Beach Complex Swimming, Exhibit, Parking, Canteen
Covehead Lookout Exhibit
Covehead Bridge Lookout / Birdwatching
Covehead Lighthouse Lighthouse
Stanhope Cape Picnic Area, Parking
Ross Lane Beach Swimming, Parking
Stanhope Campground Camping, Wheelchair Access
Stanhope Beach Complex Swimming, Wheelchair Access, Exhibit, Picnic Area, Parking
Dalvay Trail House Washrooms, Parking, Picnic Area
Dalvay Administration Information, Wheelchair Access, Parking
Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site Accommodations, Tennis, Bike Rentals, Dining


1: Gulf Shore Way East

2: Farmlands

3: Bubbling Springs

4: R.I.T.S (Robinsons Island Trail System)