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Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada

Bring your students to experience PEI National Park!

The spring and fall are both excellent times to bring your class on a self-directed field trip to experience Prince Edward Island National Park. With over 50 kilometres of scenic trails and 40 kilometers of coastline, the park offers many opportunities to explore wildlife and ecosystems, including coastal dunes, freshwater ponds, forests and old field white spruce stands.

In order to accommodate school groups, we will be taking reservations for the following facilities commencing in early April each year:

  • Dalvay Trail House
  • Greenwich Interpretation Centre

Other facilities within the park are also available on a first-come-first-use basis, according to the tables listed below.

Suggested Itineraries

Cavendish-North Rustico, Prince Edward Island National Park

  1. Explore Prince Edward Island’s most famous beach – Cavendish Beach. From Cavendish Main Beach Complex, take the Cavendish Beach Trail towards Cavendish Grove (1.1km one-way), where you can have a lovely picnic under mature trees.
  2. Explore the Homestead Trail (6.3km or 8.4km, return loops) to discover a variety of species and diverse habitats, as well as majestic views of the Cavendish Sandspit and New London Bay.
  3. Take a bus tour along the Gulf Shore Way and stop along the various lookouts, such as Oceanview Lookoff, McNeil’s Brook, and Orby Head, where panoramic vistas of red sandstone bluffs and cliffs meet the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Finish off your scenic tour at North Rustico Beach.
  4. Be sure to visit Green Gables Heritage Place as part of your visit in Cavendish. Please check the website for hours of operations. To make reservations, please call 963-7874.

The following facilities are available in the Cavendish-North Rustico section of the park:

Location Open Closed
North Rustico June 15 September 15
Cape Turner June 15 September 15
Oceanview June 15 September 15
Cavendish Beach May 17 September 30
Cavendish Grove May 17 September 30

Brackley-Dalvay, Prince Edward Island National Park

Explore Brackley Beach – only 25 minutes away from downtown Charlottetown! Experience a wide expanse of sandy beach and dunes and look for beach finds along the way!

  1. Experience the hub-bub of a working harbour at Covehead. Spend time on the beach and take a class photo in front of the iconic Covehead Lighthouse
  2. Go on an adventure along one of the four trails in this sector: Bubbling Springs (2.2km return loop), Farmlands (2.7km return loop), Reeds and Rushes (1km one-way) or Woodlands (various loops; 3.1km, 4km or 4.7km)
  3. A day trip to Dalvay! Reserve the Dalvay Trail House and use it as a base of exploration, where you will be within short distance to access the Reeds and Rushes and Woodlands trails, as well as the scenic Dalvay-By-the-Sea National Historic Site and exquisite Dalvay Beach.

The following facilities are available in the Brackley-Dalvay section of the park:

Location Open Closed
Dalvay Trail House May long weekend Thanksgiving Monday
Stanhope Beach June 15 September 15
Stanhope Cape June 15 September 15
Ross Lane May 17 September 30
Brackley Day Use June 14 September 15
Brackley Beach Complex May 17 October 13

Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park

Take your class to Greenwich, Prince Edward Island National Park for a self-directed visit to this majestic coastal landscape. Along the Greenwich Dunes Trail, interpretive panels will help you discover rare sand dune formations and explore a variety of habitats including old fields, forests, ponds, sand dunes and beaches. The trail is 4.5 km return, so please allow 1.5 to 2 hours to complete your trip.

Enhance your visit by touring the Greenwich Interpretation Centre to see over 20 interactive exhibits and a spectacular 12-minute multimedia presentation on 10,000 years of human history in the area. Please allow 45 minutes for a complete visit of the centre.

The Greenwich Interpretation Centre is open Wednesday to Sunday, 9am-3pm, starting September 4, 2013 until September 15. School groups are encouraged to call and reserve a time to visit the centre. Reservations are available between 9:30am-11:30am and 1:30pm-2:30pm.


To make reservations for a self-directed visit at the Greenwich Interpretation Centre or to book the use of the Dalvay Trail House, please contact André Laurin at 902-672-6381 or