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Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada


Cycling by the Sea - Gulf Shore Way

There is no better way to explore stunning landscape of PEI’s North Shore than by cycling the Gulf Shore Way. This seaside route is a recent upgrade to PEI National Park that offers a paved, two-way trail that twins the Gulf Shore Parkway, providing cyclists with a smooth surface and a mix of flat stretches and gentle rolling slopes. Wind your way past the iconic red sandstone cliffs of Cavendish, panoramic dunescapes in Brackley, the iconic Covehead lighthouse and six of PEI National Park’s breathtaking supervised beaches. With so much to see and do on route, you’ll love the trip as much as the destination!

Cycling Trails

Please note that Parks Canada staff is hard at work getting our trails ready in order to meet our opening dates. However, some trails may be delayed in opening on time due to the harsh winter weather conditions we experienced this year. Please check with our Web site for up-to-date notices on trail info.

NOTICE: The Woodlands trail will be closed until further notice. This closure is in effect to facilitate upgrades to the park’s wastewater infrastructure. For more information, please contact us.

Hike Bike
4 or 4.9 or 5.7 km Easy Starts off the northwest portion of Dalvay Crescent. Cyclists note: mixed surface that is very rough in places. Recommended for mountain bikes only.
Hike Bike
2.9 km Easy Starts 2 km east of Stanhope, to the south of the Gulf Shore Parkway
Bubbling Springs
Hike Scenic Bike
2.5 km Easy Starts 2 km east of Stanhope, to the south of the Gulf Shore Parkway
Gulf Shore Way East
Hike Wheelchair Access Bike

10 km
One Way

Easy Trailheads located at Brackley Beach Complex and Dalvay Crescent
R.I.T.S. (Robinsons Island Trail System)
Hike Bike
5 km Moderate Starts at Robinsons Island Trailhead
Gulf Shore Way West
Hike Wheelchair Access Bike

8.5 km
One Way

Easy Trailheads located at North Rustico and at Cawnpore Lane (Oceanview Lookoff)
Cavendish Dunelands
Hike Scenic Bike
2.3 km
One Way
Easy Starts at Oceanview Lookoff
Hike Bike
6.7 or 8.8 km Moderate Starts just at the entrance of Cavendish Campground
Clark’s Lane Trail
Hike Scenic Bike
0.8 km
One Way
Easy Starts at Cavendish Grove
Cavendish Beach Trail
Hike Scenic Bike
1.1 km
One Way
Easy Starts at Cavendish Grove
Jike Scenic Bike
4.8 km Easy Greenwich
Havre Saint Pierre
Hike Wheelchair Access Scenic Bike
1.1 km Easy Greenwich

All trail distances are return unless otherwise noted.

For trail users, washrooms are available at beach facilities, picnic areas, and some trailhead locations during the following dates:

  • Greenwich Trails - May 17 to September 30
  • Dalvay Trail House - May 16 to October 12
  • Stanhope Beach - June 14 to September 15
  • Ross Lane Beach - May 16 to September 30
  • Brackley Beach - May 16 to October 19
  • Cape Turner - June 14 to September 15
  • Cavendish East - June 14 to September 15
  • Cavendish Beach - May 16 to September 30
  • Cavendish Grove - May 16 to September 30

Off-Season Access

Trails and other facilities at PEI National Park are not maintained between Thanksgiving and Victoria Day each year. However, visitors are still welcome to use the trails. During this period there is no Parks Canada emergency response.

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