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Parks Canada in Northern Ontario

shoreLINES: Stories from our guides and guardians

shoreLINES is a quarterly newsletter intended to keep our partners and stakeholders informed about Parks Canada's activities and heritage places in Northern Ontario. (PDF 1.85 mb)

Fort St. Joseph's Management Plan
By Jeanette Cowen

When you hear the words management planning, what comes to mind? Be honest! Does it sound complicated? Boring? Maybe you understand it to be an internal exercise without public input. This couldn't be further from the truth!

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Campground Host Program
By Serafina Orcoyen

Do you love the great outdoors? Are you a camping enthusiast? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer experience? If so, you would make an awesome campground host at Pukaskwa National Park!

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Five stand-outs from
Pukaskwa’s Coastal Hiking Trail
By Kat Trivers

My first trek down Pukaskwa’s Coastal Hiking Trail was in 1995. Two decades and two kids later, I set off down the rugged coastline of Lake Superior again. It was a trip I will never forget. My reasons for hiking the trail then and now were quite different.

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Superior Bound
By Greg Stroud and Outward Bound participants

Outward Bound has been paddling the outer coast of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area for over 20 years challenging young people to reach deep into themselves as they face the full force of Lake Superior. These are their words, pictures, and stories from their latest trip in 2014.

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Sault Canal and the
“Other” Great War
By Jeanette Cowen

Troops were stationed at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal to guard the lock during both World Wars. The 51st Regiment ensured the lock remained unscathed during the First World War. Just prior to the declaration of war in 1939, when tensions were running high, a surprising discovery brought the potential for sabotage at the canal to the forefront of everyone’s mind once more.

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