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Point Pelee National Park of Canada


--> Entry and service fees are charged at most national parks and national historic sites, where revenues are kept to support visitor services and facilities. This means that every time you visit a park or site you are investing in its future — and in a legacy for future generations.

The following definitions apply to entry and service fee categories unless otherwise specified:

Adult: Person 17 to 64 years of age
Senior: Person 65 years of age or over
Youth: Person 6 to 16 years of age
Family/Group: Up to seven people arriving in a single vehicle in a national park.
School Groups: Students of elementary and secondary schools.


Daily (April to October)

Adult$ 7.80
Senior$ 6.80
Youth$ 3.90
Family/Group$ 19.60
Commercial Group, per person$ 6.80

Daily (November to March)

Adult$ 6.05
Senior$ 5.40
Youth$ 2.90
Family/Group$ 14.70
Commercial Group, per person$ 5.15

Annual Early Bird

Adult$ 29.40
Senior$ 25.75
Youth$ 14.70
Family/Group$ 73.60

Offered in February and March.


Adult$ 39.20
Senior$ 34.30
Youth$ 19.60
Family/Group$ 98.10

NEW! Parks Canada's 2016 Annual Passes are valid for TWO full years. This is the first step toward celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation.

Replacement Pass

Each$ 8.80


Use of Picnic Area

White Pines, per event$ 63.70
Reservation$ 9.80


Per Permit

Daily$ 9.80
Annual$ 34.30


Off the Shelf Programs, per group

Per Hour of Program Delivery$ 73.60

Custom Programs, per group

Per Hour of Program Development and Program Delivery$ 49.00

Junior Naturalist Program

Includes Entry, per session, per child$ 7.80
Includes Entry, per year, per child$ 68.70

Henry Community Youth Camp Program

Summer Program, April to October, per group (minimum 20 participants)$ 103.00
Winter Program, November to March, per group (minimum 20 participants)$ 73.60
Small Group Program, Year Round (maximum 20 participants)$ 53.90

Includes entry and introductory theatre program.

Monarch Hike

Per Person$ 14.70

Hike to the Tip or Marsh

Commercial Group, per person (April to October)$ 8.80
Commercial Group, per person (November to March)$ 7.30

Seasonal School Hikes

Per Person, includes entry$ 7.80

Self-Guided Park Activity Pack

Per Person, includes entry$ 4.90
Per Person, when added to another educational package)$ 0.90
Geocache program -per unit$ 3.00

Introductory Theatre Program

Per Person, includes entry$ 3.90

Enhanced Theatre Program

Per Person, includes entry$ 5.80
Per Person (if added to another educational package)$ 0.90

Guided Freighter Canoe Excursion

Per Person (maximum 10 persons)$ 9.80
Family/Group$ 20.00