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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Saving Middle Island - Point Pelee National Park

Map of Middle Island and surrounding islands Point Pelee National Park is situated in the southern-most part of Canada and is found on the western basin of Lake Erie where there are a series of islands.
© Parks Canada
Middle Island in 1999
Middle Island, 1999
© Parks Canada
Nesting great blue herons
Nesting great blue herons, Middle Island, 2009
© Parks Canada


In 1999, the Nature Conservancy of Canada purchased Middle Island because of its significant native Carolinian vegetation communities, including rare and endangered species. Ownership was transferred to Parks Canada and the island became part of Point Pelee National Park in 2000.

The island supports a large colony of various water birds, and a diversity of plant species. Middle Island is also home to an excessive population of double-crested cormorants. The guano of the nesting double-crested cormorants on this tiny island is killing trees, vegetation, and the habitat of hundreds of plant and animal species that depend on Middle Island for survival.

After considerable collaborative research and monitoring, Parks Canada initiated the Middle Island Conservation Plan to address the damage to the ecological integrity and Species at Risk on Middle Island. The Middle Island Conservation Plan is a five-year plan that describes the science, research, and outlines the goals for saving the island from the effects of the hyper-abundant nesting population of double-crested cormorants.

The Middle Island Conservation Plan includes a cull of adult double-crested cormorants, placement of scarecrows in trees as deterrents, and nest removals in order to reduce the number of nesting double-crested cormorants to a level the island's ecosystem can support.

Middle Island has no visitor amenities as it is being managed as a Zone 1 Special Preservation Area.

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