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Point Pelee National Park

Festival of Birds 2014

Welcome Birders!
Witnessing migration at Point Pelee National Park is something you won’t soon forget. Escape to lush forests and awakening wildflowers, savannahs and marsh, the perfect backdrop for the colourful songs of birds. On the trails, have the thrill of the hunt for elusive warblers and meet new friends. From herons to sparrows and sandpipers to warblers, you never know what you’ll find at Point Pelee.

A weekend with David Sibley

David Allen Sibley picture David Allen Sibley
Photo credit: Erinn Hartman

May 3 & 4, 2014
David Allen Sibley has been painting birds since the age of seven. His lifelong passion for birds and art culminated in the publication of the Sibley Guide to Birds in 2000. Quickly becoming the fastest selling bird book in history, bird watchers are eagerly anticipating the release of the 2nd edition of this must-have guide in 2014. Spend a weekend with David Sibley in celebration of spring migration and the release of this new classic.

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