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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Heron, Little Blue
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Heron, Little Blue (Provincial Rarety)
-Egretta caerulea (Linnaeus)

Adults: head (crested with a few long plumes from nape) and neck dark purplish-red. body dark slaty-blue. Numerous plumes extend down back and beyond tail. Lower neck with a tuft of elongated feathers. Eye yellow or greyish. Bill black at tip, bluish at base. Legs and feet bluish black.

Immatures: mainly white in first year but with variable small amounts of slate colour on wing tips. Bill black-tipped, pale-bluish basally. Legs dark greenish. Immatures eventually acquire a patchy white-and-blue aspect. They wear this much of their second year.