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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Goose, Snow
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Goose, Snow
-Anser caerulescens (Linnaeus)

Sides of mandibles with blackish "grinning patch." White phase adult: mainly white but often rust-stained on head, neck and under parts. Wing tips black, the primaries grey at their bases. Bill pinkish, blackish at cutting edges. Legs and feet reddish.

Blue phase adult: head and neck white (often rust-stained), frequently with variable blotches of blackish brown on hind-neck. Upper back and scapulars dark brown, feather tips pale brown. Upper wing coverts bluish grey. Primaries and secondaries blackish with greyish bases. Tertials blackish with white edges, grey basally. Lower back, rump and upper tail coverts vary from bluish grey to whitish. Tail feathers greyish brown but often variable, occassionally almost white. Abdomen and under tail coverts usually grey or whitish. Bill and legs as in white phase.