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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Duck, Ruddy
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Duck, Ruddy
-Oxyura jamaicensis (Gmelin)

Adult male: top of head to below eye, and nape, black. Large cheek patch and chin white. Neck, sides of breast, and all upper parts (except wings, rump and tail) chestnut. Upper side of wing brown, secondaries tipped white. Rump and tail brown. Wing linings mixed white and brown. Under tail coverts white. Abdomen silvery white mixed with dusky. Eye brown or reddish brown. Bill blue. Legs and feet bluish grey with dusky webs. Adult female: top of head to below eye, and a poorly defined streak across cheeks, dark brown. Back, scapulars, rump, upper tail coverts and upper side of wings, blackish brown irregularly crossed with buffy or greyish lines. Under parts silvery white mixed with dusky. Eye brown. Bill dusky. Legs bluish grey.