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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Eider, King
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Eider, King (Local Rarety)
-Somateria spectabilis (Linnaeus)

Adult male: top of head, nape, and sides of upper neck pale bluish-grey. Bill processes broadened into a knoblike yellow frontal shield. Greenish patch on cheeks bordered above by narrow white line. Border about bill processes, small patch about eye, and large V on throat, black. Rest of head, neck, fore-back, upper breast shoulders, patch on either side of base of tail, white, White of breast tinged pinkish. Lower back, scapulars, rump, tail coverts, lower breast, belly, and sides, black. Tail brownish black. Anterior lesser wing coverts and greater coverts blackish, rest white. Remainder of wing blackish. Some tertials (erectile in life) out-curved with purplish-black outer webs. Legs and feet yellowish to orange with dusky webs. Eye brown. Bill processes rich yellow, bill red to orange with purplish nail.

Adult female: similar to female common eider but has slightly warmer brown colouration, unstreaked chin, more decidely crescentic black markings on sides. Feathers on top of bill extend forward to above nostrils but thoseon sides of bill fall far short of nostril (reverse of common eider).