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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Goldeneye, Barrow's
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Goldeneye, Barrow's (Local Rarety)
-Bucephala islandica (Gmelin)

Adult male: similar to Common Goldeneye, but the head is higly glossed with purple or violet with large white crescent behind base of bill. Body similar to Common Goldeneye, but with less white in wings and scapulars. White of scapulars a mere row of large dots over folded wings. White of fore-wing greatly reduced and completely separated from white speculum by a black bar. Eye yellow. Bill black. Legs and feet orange-yellow with dusky webs. Adult female: very similar to Common Goldeneye, but head is usually a slightly darker brown. Feathers of hind-neck usually longer, giving the head a more puffy appearance. Eye pale yellow. Bill ususally more extensively yellow than in the Common Goldeneye.