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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Duck, Ring-necked
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Duck, Ring-necked
-Aythya collaris (Donovan)

Adult male: Crown feathers rather long and erect, giving head a triangular shape. Head and neck black glossed with purple and green; chin white; neck with narrow inconspicuous chestnut collar about lower neck. Back, scapular, rump, upper and under tail coverts, tail, and breast, black. Belly white, hind part crossed by fine blackish lines. Sides and flanks white, crossed by fine blackish lines giving a grey effect. A spur of white extends upwar in front of folded wing. Wing coverts sooty; speculum pearl grey; tertials slightly glossed greenish; under wing coverts white and brownish grey. Eye yellow. Bill dark slate with bluish-white band near end and a narrow whitish margin at base and edges. Legs and feet greyish blue to grey.