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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Duck, Wood
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Duck, Wood
-Aix sponsa (Linnaeus)

Adult male: head iridescent green and blue, deepening to purplish black below eye with a narrow white line about the eye and another extending back from it; chin, throat and fore-neck white with a conspicuous spur of white extending up onto cheek and another around side of neck. Back, rump and upper tail coverts bronze-green. Tail dark glossy-green above. Fore-wing greyish brown, greater coverts metalic green and pruple; speculum bluish green, bordered behind by a thin white line. Upper breast reddish chestnut with small white markings. A vertical white bar on shoulder, bordered behind by a black one. Sides buffy, crossed by fine black wavy lines, bordered above and behind by black and white. Patch of purplish chestnut on either side near base of tail. Eye orange-red to vermillon. Bill, nail, ridge and lower mandible blackish, sides of bill pinkish, base red with narrow yellow border behind. Legs and feet dull yellow or orange with dusky webs.