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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

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Pintail, Northern
-Anas acuta Linnaeus

Adult male: Head and neck brown with white line extending up either side of neck to near ear region. Back with fine vermiculations of a blackish hue and white producing a grey effect. Scapulars long, pointed, black with contrasting whitish margins. Forewing grey. Speculum varying between metallic green and bronze-purple, preceded in front by a band of chestnut and bordered behind by black, then white. Two long, black central tail feathers. Outer tail feathers dark brown, edged with white. Under parts mainly white, the sides finely barred with black giving grey effect. Under tail coverts with whiter outer margins. Bill bluish grey, blackish on ridge and nail. Legs and feet bluish grey to olive grey with dusky webs.