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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Gadwall
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-Anas strepera Linnaeus

Adult male: Head and neck grey, speckled with blackish, paler on chin and throat. Back dark grey, vermiculated with white, some scapulars broadly edged with yellowish brown. Upper and under tail coverts black. Tail brownish grey, the feathers with paler margins. Folded wing greyish at bend, then chestnut (on middle coverts) then black (greater coverts). Wing patch (speculum) white, borderd in front by black. Breast brownish black with numerous white or buffy crescentic marks (feathers white at base). Sides dark grey, crossed by narrow wavy white lines. Belly and wing linings white. Bill dark grey. Legs and toes yellow or orange with blackish webs. In summer a complete moult produces a female-like eclipse plumage. This is gradually moulted, and by November the adult nuptial plumage of winter and spring is again almost complete.

Adult female: Head, neck similar to male. Back, scapulars, rump, upper tail coverts, breast, sides, dusky with buffy edges and markings. Wing somewhat as in male's, but chestnut much reduced in extent or lacking. Lower breast, belly and wing linings white. Bill dull orange with dusky culmen and spots. Legs dull yellow.