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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

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Gull, Slaty-backed (Provincial Rarety)
-Larus schistisagus

Adults: (sexes similar): Similar enough in general appearance to be confusable with the Western, Lesser Black-backed, and Great Black-backed gulls. Mantle dark neutral-grey to slaty black. Head, neck, underparts, and tail white (in winter head and neck somewhat streaked with dusky grey). Primary tips blackish, usually with white spot near the end of the ninth and tenth (outermost) primaries. The dark-grey tongues on each of the inner webs of eighth to fifth primaries pass into narrow white area before fusing with the blackish tips. Iris yellowish-grey; eye-ring pinkish to purplish; legs pinkish to reddish flesh.