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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Sparrow, Swamp
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Sparrow, Swamp
-Melospiza georgiana (Latham)

Breeding plumage: top of head variable. Commonly, crown is chestnut, forehead black divided by a narrow grey line, but often top of head is dark brown streaked with black and with a grey median line from base of bill to nape; back and scapulars reddish brown, broadly streaked with black and narrowly with white; rump olive brown, upper tail coverts brown; most of exposed parts of closed wing chestnut; tail brown edged with rusty, the two centre feathers with a blackish median stripe; sides of head and sides of neck mostly grey, cheeks slightly brownish, bordered above by a narrow, dark postocular streak and below usually by another reaching back from gape; throat and abdomen whitish; a broad pale-grey bank across breast extending to sides where it joins the brown of sides and flanks; breast often finely streaked darker and often with a vague dusky spot; bill dusky above, paler below; legs pale brownish. Adults in autumn and winter: resemble breeding birds but top of head often more heavily streaked with black and with more buffy general colouration.