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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Sparrow, Song
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Sparrow, Song
-Melospiza melodia (Wilson)

Adult: Top of head brown, narrowly streaked with black and with a narrow grey median stripe; back and scapulars brown streaked with black and with a little greyish feather edging; rump olive brown lightly streaked with dusky; upper tail coverts with a median streak of dark brown; two inconspicuous whitish wing bars; tail brown, the two central feathers with a dusky median line; broad whitish or greyish line over the eye; sides of head buffy or greyish with three dark narrow stripes; one behind eye, one along lower edge of cheek, the third bordering sides of throat; sides of neck greyish, lightly streaked with brown; under parts white, the breast, sides and flanks distinctly streaked with dark brown or black with usually a central breast spot; bill dusky above, paler below; legs pale brownish.