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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Finch, House
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Finch, House
-Carpodacus mexicanus (Mnller)

Bill stubby, culmen much more downcurved than in Purple or Cassin's finches.

Adult male: forehead, stripe over eye, and rump, red, rosy pink, or scarlet; rest of upper parts brownish grey, obscurely streaked with darker brown and often washed with reddish; wings and tail dusky with pale-greyish edging and two obscure pale wing bars; throat and upper breast reddish; lower breast, abdomen, sides, flanks and under tail coverts whitish, thickly streaked with greyish brown.

Adult female: like adult male but without any red, that of the upper parts replaced by brown, that of throat and upper breast by whitish and striped with greyish brown as in the rest of the under parts; face lacks definite patterns shown in Purple and Cassin's finches.

Young: resemble adult female.