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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

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Hawk Swainson's (Provincial Rarety)
-Buteo swainsoni (Bonaparte)

Adult male (pale phase): upper parts dark brown usually with rusty feather-margins; crown and back of neck generally with white showing through. Tail above, greyish crossed by numerous narrow bands of dusky and tipped whitish. Outer upper tail coverts whitish barred with brown. Under parts with broad band of cinnamon or russet across breast; throat white; abdomen buffy white, its sides usually barred with brown. Feet yellow.

Adults (dark phase): upper and under parts brownish black, except under tail coverts, which are buffy white, barred with dark brown (many intermediate stages between these pale and dark extremes are common) A rufous phase occurs in which the under parts are heavily washed and barred with reddish brown.