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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Harrier, Northern
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Harrier, Northern
-Circus cyaneus (Linnaeus)

Head with partial facial disc slightly suggestive of an owl. Legs long and slender; wings and tail long in proportion to body size. Well-defined white rump patch (upper tail coverts) present in all plumages except downy.

Adult male: head, neck and upper parts bluish grey becoming blackish on wing tips; contrasting white rump patch (upper tail coverts); tail grey with narrow dusky bands. Breast, abdomen and thighs white, sparsely spotted with rusty. Under wing coverts mainly white, contrasting with blackish tips. Eye and legs yellow.

Female adult: upper parts dark brown with intermixture of cinnamon on scapulars and some wing coverts; neck streaked brown and buffy; conspicuous white rump patch; tail crossed by five to seven dusky bars. Under parts buffy white streaked with brown, mainly on the throat and breast. Underside of flight feathers with alternating light and dusky bars. Eye pale yellowish to greyish brown; legs yellow.