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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Turnstone, Ruddy
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Turnstone, Ruddy
-Arenaria interpres (Linnaeus)

Bill tapering to a point, hard, blackish, very woodpecker-like. Legs short, orange. Woodpecker-like bill identifies it as a turnstone. The peculiar black, white, and russet colour-pattern of spring and summer adults is unmistakable. Autumn adults and immatures are much duller and blacks being replaced by greyish browns; the russet patches are lacking or reduced to buffy feather edges, and the sides of head and neck are heavily streaked with dusky. But the breast patches, although more brownish and somewhat obscured by whitish feather-tips, retain their characteristic shape, thus separating this species from the Black Turnstone. Bill shape and white lower back separate it from the Surfbird.