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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Birds of Point Pelee National Park

Image of: Sandpiper, Baird's
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Sandpiper, Baird's
-Calidris bairdii (Coues)

Bill rather short, straight, slender. A small sandpiper with rather buffy upper parts (in immatures, feathers of back with narrow white margins, giving back a scaly appearance), buffy band across the breast, lightly streaked with dusky. Rump sooty brown, the feathers narrowly edged with buffy brown. Bill blackish. Legs blackish with slight suggestion of olive. From the Pectoral Sandpiper it is distinguished by its smaller size, less well-defined and more lightly streaked breast band, blackish legs, and by the middle tail feathers, which are more obtuse, with tips extending little beyond the others; from the Least, by its blackish legs and larger size; from the Semipalmated and Western, by its completely unwebbed toes, larger size, and more decidedly buffy breast band; and from the White-rumped, by its dark rump and more buffy breast.