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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Bird Numbers at Point Pelee and Arrival of Migrants

The total number of bird species recorded at Point Pelee is 372, most of which have been recorded during the autumn migration period. This is a time of abundant bird life. With the overall population of birds in North America enormously swelled by the raising of young, the great numbers of individuals that can be seen at Point Pelee is usually far greater than could ever be tallied even during the best of spring migrations. Example "big days" for autumn include horned grebe (500), Great blue heron (100), sharp-shinned hawk (1 000), buff-breasted sandpiper (148), common tern (124 000) saw-whet owl (26), eastern kingbird (300), yellow-bellied flycatcher (50), barn swallow (9 500), cliff swallow (317), purple martin (7 000), blue jay (30 000), cedar waxwing (3 500) and blackpoll warbler (2 500).