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Thousand Islands National Park of Canada

What's New

Riverside oTENTik camping

Wake up to sunlight glinting on water, a panorama of green islands, and a full day of family adventure ahead. Five new oTENTik roofed accommodations at Mallorytown Landing provide the perfect base for exploring the Thousand Islands. Nearby: park visitor centre, hiking trails, and a 37-km paved bicycle trail. Bring your sleeping bag, cooking equipment and food, and we’ll provide the rest – including a beautiful waterfront view!

Parks Canada oTENTik accommodations and campsites can also be reserved on park islands.

Camping Equipment Rentals

Equipped Campsites
Thousand Islands National Park is working in partnership with 1000 Islands Kayaking Company to provide tents, sleeping mats and cooking equipment to encourage a new generation of campers.

Insect superheroes at the Visitor Centre

With over one million species discovered to date, insects are phenomenally successful. They are real superheroes and have developed some terrific adaptations and strategies that allow them to live almost everywhere and to be incredibly effective at defending, feeding and reproducing themselves. Explore the amazing world of insects and meet live specimens from Montreal’s Insectarium at Thousand Islands National Park’s Mallorytown Landing visitor centre.

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Club Parka

Parka is the proud founder of Club Parka, a series of activities that encourage you to explore, discover, learn and have fun! Aimed at children aged 1 to 5 and their families. Take part in picking Parka’s path and finding her way through the maze, explore with Parka, colour her picture, do Parka puzzles, and play eye spy with Parka.

Parks Canada Xplorers²

Xplorers² is designed for teens, but don't let age hold you back. Whether you're artistic, athletic, goofy, or just plain curious, there's a challenge for you. Do any or all of the challenges during your visit. If you like a challenge, snap a photo or video, and share it with friends. Connect with other Xplorers using the hashtag #XPLR2.

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