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Thousand Islands National Park

Learning Experiences

At Thousand Islands National Park the forests, fields, and rocky islands are our classrooms. Park interpreters uncover a natural world of wonder to park visitors with hands on experiences. Hold a loonie-sized baby turtle, touch rough-hewn archaeological remains, unearth a hidden geocache and connect deeply with this landscape.

School Programs

In May, June and September, schools can participate in the curriculum-based island program Island Quest.

Programs at Mallorytown Landing Visitor Centre

In June, July and August, catch up with a friendly interpreter at the Mallorytown Landing Visitor Centre. Check out the Calendar of Events for scheduled programs and events.

Learn to Camp

Camping is one of the best ways to discover some of Canada’s most beautiful natural heritage areas by spending the night in one of Parks Canada’s many campgrounds across the country.

Learn to Kayak

There’s nothing like escaping into the Canadian outdoors to help you unwind and reconnect with your loved ones. Paddling the cool waters of Thousand Islands National Park is nearly effortless with the help of regional outfitters.

School Programs

Grades 7 and 9

Island Quest

Island Quest
Gananoque Boat Line ferries students to Georgina Island where they follow a series of clues to learn about the park and its place in the Thousand Islands ecosystem. Working in teams, students use a map, compass and binoculars to solve the island's riddles and complete the quest. This 1 ½-hour program is offered in May, June and September.

Curriculum Links: The program is designed for grades 7 and 9, linking to the Ontario Geography curriculum for both grades, as well as the Science and Technology curriculum for Grade 7.

For more information and to book this program, call 1-888-717-4837 or visit the Gananoque Boat Line website.

For more information contact:

Kim Robinson
Thousand Islands National Park
2 County Rd. 5, R.R.#3
Mallorytown, ON K0E 1R0
Phone: (613) 923-5261 ext. 110
Fax: (613) 923-1021

Programs at Mallorytown Landing

Programs at Mallorytown Landing

Family-friendly activities abound at the Mallorytown Landing Visitor Centre. Live animals that you can touch and hold, new and changing exhibits, and an interactive story series on Mohawk culture give you a deeper look into the Thousand Islands landscape.

Interactive outdoor exhibits help families burn off energy and enjoy the summer sun. Our Thousand Islands-themed playground gets kids rowing like a “river rat” in a landlocked boat, swinging in a bird’s nest swing, and basking like a turtle on a climbing rock.

Another visually intriguing outdoor exhibit showcases the Mohawk Thanksgiving Address. Families can read the full address at “contemplation rock” and then take on the challenge of finding all the different carvings of the address’s elements scattered around the grounds.

The park’s free Get Me Geocaching program teaches anyone interested in geocaching how to use a GPS (global positioning system) unit to find “geocaches”. Geocaching is a global activity where participants seek out hidden treasures (geocaches) on the landscape using coordinates loaded onto a GPS unit from a geocaching website (e.g. Geocaches include stories about the location you have found and log sheets so you can log your visit.

For a full list of activities and events, visit our Calendar of Events.

Parks Canada Xplorers

Become a Parks Canada Xplorer

The Xplorers program encourages discovery through fun and recreational activities. When children arrive at the Mallorytown Landing Visitor Centre, they can use an Xplorers activity workbook to help them guide their visit. Once they have completed at least three activities, they will receive a certificate and souvenir as tokens of their success.

Activities at the park vary from a scavenger hunt and trail hikes to species identification and guided reptile encounters. By summer 2012, the Xplorers program will be offered throughout the Parks Canada network.

Parks Canada Xplorers²

Xplorers² is designed for teens, but don't let age hold you back. Whether you're artistic, athletic, goofy, or just plain curious, there's a challenge for you. Do any or all of the challenges during your visit. If you like a challenge, snap a photo or video, and share it with friends. Connect with other Xplorers using the hashtag #XPLR2.

Club Parka

Parka is the proud founder of Club Parka, a series of activities that encourage you to explore, discover, learn and have fun! Aimed at children aged 1 to 5 and their families. Take part in picking Parka’s path and finding her way through the maze, explore with Parka, colour her picture, do Parka puzzles, and play eye spy with Parka.