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Thousand Islands National Park

Missing the boat?
Rent a kayak or canoe or go on a guided kayak trip
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Missing the boat?

One of the most commonly asked questions at Thousand Islands National Park is, “How do I get to the islands if I don’t have a boat?” Here are a number of creative solutions to help you enjoy your time in Thousand Islands National Park and the Thousand Islands.

Rent a kayak or canoe

Escape the crowd, forget the tour boat and witness Thousand Islands National Park as few do, from the intimate perspective of a kayak or canoe.

Regional outfitting companies such as 1000 Islands Kayaking Company, Peck’s Marina, Misty Isles LodgeHarmer’s Cottages, and Ahoy Rentals (Kingston) can equip you with a kayak or canoe, safety equipment, basic or advanced instruction, and guidance on routes.

Use our paddling trip page, the Thousand Islands Water Trail website, and our Visitor Safety page for an easy, safe and fun adventure.

Go on a guided kayak trip

Paddling the cool waters of Thousand Islands National Park is nearly effortless with the help of regional outfitters 1000 Islands Kayaking Company. Experienced guides take care of every detail, from introductory lessons to en route snacks. The fresh air is good for the body and soul and trip planning is a breeze.

Check out our guided paddling trip page for more information and our Visitor Safety page to ensure a safe return.

Take a shuttle

Take an easy trip to some of our park islands. In 5 minutes, you can be at one of the national park islands. Find more shuttle information at:

Rent a boat

A number of marinas in the Thousand Islands Area rent various types of boats including large, live-in houseboats to visitors of the 1000 Islands. Boat rentals near Thousand Islands National Park:

Gilbert Marine Limited
Harmer’s Cottages
Houseboat Holidays
Misty Isles Lodge 
Peck’s Marina 
Spencer’s Cottages & Boat Rentals 
Treasure Island Marina 
Ahoy Rentals 

Find a full listing of marinas and the products and services they provide by visiting the 1000 Islands website.

Boaters should also obtain the most current nautical navigational charts, topographic maps or NOAA charts for the region. Nautical charts may be purchased at the Mallorytown Landing Visitor Centre or from private outlets listed on the Canadian Hyrdographic Service Website. Use your charts when planning your route and keep them handy during your trip.

Check our boater trip page and Visitor Safety page to ensure a safe return.

Go on a cruise

Take in the sights and sounds of the Thousand Islands from the comfort of a tour boat. Public and private cruises are available from Kingston to Brockville. Thematic cruises highlight the cultural and natural places of interest. Routes and prices vary. Find the following Canadian operators organized by location.

1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises

Rockport Cruises
1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises
Andress Boat Works

Ivy Lea
Gananoque Boat Line

Gananoque Boat Line
Harmer’s Cottages

St. Lawrence Cruise Lines
Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises

Try a mainland experience at Thousand Islands National Park

Enjoy a family picnic at Mallorytown Landing
Enjoy a family picnic at Mallorytown Landing
© Parks Canada

Get a breath of fresh air at Jones Creek
Being active is a pleasure when your gym is the Canadian outdoors. Thousand Islands National Park’s trails at Jones Creek provide an opportunity to get healthy as a family in a serenely beautiful setting.

Relax by the River at Mallorytown Landing 
Thousand Islands National Park welcomes you to relax and play on the breezy banks of the St. Lawrence River. From community picnics to family reunions to an impromptu outing, Mallorytown Landing has all the ingredients for family fun: barbeque facilities and a beautiful gazebo, interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits, live animals that kids of all ages can touch and hold, nature programs, and a playground.