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Transcript for Family Adventure in Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Animated title sequence: Georgian Bay Islands National Park, Georgian Bay, ON [A family takes a boat ride on Georgian Bay]

Young boy: My favourite experience was the boat ride, because when I was on it I got wet.

[A family hikes rocky tails] Animated title sequence: Fairy Lake

Young boy: I liked when we took a hike ‘cause there was a really, really cool view of the Fairy Lake.

[Children and their father splash in the water and play in the sand] Animated title sequence: Cedar Spring Beach

Young girl: My favourite part is going to the swimming. Um, we splashed each other and we saw minnows there.

Animated title sequence: Cedar Spring Cabins [ Food is cooking on a bbq outside a cabin as children cook marshmallows over a fire]

Young boy: It was really dark and the fire was really warm when we roasted the marshmallows. They were all gooey. It was really fun ‘cause we got time to play with my brother and sister.

[Children use the swing set and then the family goes for a bike ride during sunset]

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